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Monday, June 15, 2009

What are you doing this summer?

Hey guys!
I know that some SABers went far-far away from NYC, so I decided to make a new post where people can write about their summers. Please feel free to put up some pictures!



  1. I am in Lima, Peru right now!
    It's winter here..so sometimes I wish I was in NYC, tanning on the beach!)))
    Peru is an awesome country, I highly recomend it to anyone who has a chance to come here!!
    People are extremely nice and welcoming.
    Food is amazing! The best food I have ever tried anywhere.
    Hope your summer is going well too!


  2. Summer is good! Raining here in the City, but lots of fun stuff going on!

    For example:
    The Human Rights Watch Film Festival is happening June 11 - 25, screening films like Born Into Brothels and Remnants of War.

    Thanks for the heads up Jackie, and for posting Olga!

    - Stacey

  3. I'm neck deep in play directing, which I have come to realize is not something that comes naturally to me! Its terribly hot here which doesn't really bother me except that energy levels are hard to maintain and a post lunch siesta is almost unavoidable. But summer is certainly in the air!

  4. I'm in New York, reading a lot as much as I can about different things, playing basketball and seeing friends and family. I'm going camping in a few weeks too. I'm going to check out some of the movies at the Movie Festival, is anyone else going?

  5. Hello SAB!

    I am back from Ghana and started my Random House internship the very next day and am extremely tired. When the weekend rolls around I will try to put up a post about the experience. Fun stuff ahead!


  6. Go Ada!

    Rattan - play directing? How?

    Kadri - Yes, totally want to check out the Human Rights Watch Int'l Film Festival (ends June 25)
    Lets get some people together :)

    - Stacey

  7. Hi
    Am taking for bio 1005 this summer session. All the energy is draining weekly. Weekends study some more and try to add a little spice and sweetness by watiching a couple of movies. Two more weeks until semester is over.