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Thursday, August 6, 2009

UN Youth Conference, Day 2

I am coming to you LIVE from the UN building. Jacque and I are about to head to our respective MDG sessions. This morning we went to a great discussion by Ravi Karkara on female rights in developing countries and around the world. Poignantly, a lanky (c.) 18 year old asked him, right before the session started "What are you doing in Women rights being a man?" As a boy growwing up he was exposed to a lot of domestic violence at home and said that his sisters were always experiencing some sort of eave-teasing. In general girls in developing coutries, as statistics state, feel unsafe not just on the streets where they get hit on or verbally harassed by men, but also at school, in the market, and even at home.

More late, our next session is about to start.

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  1. I did this conference when I was in High School. It was so eye-opening! I'm so glad you're doing this!!!