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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Center For Communication -NYU "Election Coverage"

On October 8th 2008, about a month before the election for the President of the United States, SAB members attended a discussion held by the Center for Communication and hosted by NYU. In attendance were college students, Professors, and other everyday people. The panel (as seen in the photo L. to R.) Rachel Sklar from the Huffington Post, Matt Taibbi from the Rolling Stone and Hendrick Hertzberg senior editor of the New Yorker were present to discuss the presidential candidates, their policies, the media and its coverage as well as other topics in the political bubble that existed during those months. All three were in favor of Barack Obama to become President. Most of the audience in the room seemed to favor Obama as well for President, thus much of the conversation revolved around how he would do, and what he would do if elected to office. Concerns were raised as to whether "middle" America would vote for Barack Obama. All three panelists gave their input as to why Obama would win, ranging from the country wanting to get away from Bush policies, to mentioning 's of a potential shift in many of the
solid groups we are used to seeing in elections; such as republicans and democrats, evangelicals and other solid blocks usually predictable in their voting decisions. Questions were fielded by the audience to the panel which gave an intimate and informed discussion on the possible future for our country. I walked away feeling a bit more assured that we do not live in a society that is politically dumb, or rather uncaring. Ultimately making me wish that more of these type of paneled discussions occurred on a daily or weekly basis amongst the general public.

-Kadri Augustin
SAB Memeber

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