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Monday, February 9, 2009

Looking Back: SAB Visits Global Kids

In December, Solutions Across Borders had to opportunity to participate in Global Kids after school program created to inform high school students about global issues that face their generation today through a variety of innovative activities. On the particular day SAB visited, the students were engaged in a discussion about the children soldiers of Africa. They learned the story Emmanuel Jal, a former Sudanese child soldier turned rapper who spreads his message of peace, liberation, and power through his lyrics. To get a more hands on experience, the kids were split into teams to create freeze frames depicting images of violence, fear, and devastation- the everyday lives of children of war. The students then moved to the computer lab to begin an online political discussion with the use of their avatars in an alternate virtual reality.

Global Kids provided these high school students with an enthusiastic, intellectual, and enlightening environment that promotes revolution through knowledge and action. As SAB progresses towards its goal of spreading “the know” throughout the Baruch campus, it was encouraging to see even younger motivated individuals ready to change the world through their own inspiration. Along with the help of the Baruch student body, SAB hopes to inspire others to become better global citizens by getting more involved in their community at home and abroad.

Shelley Marshall

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