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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Africa Day

Last week on Thursday, our club organized an event called Africa Day, in honor of Black History Month and to raise funds for the fight against Malaria. For this event, we collaborated with Japhet Aryiku, founder and president of the Adakum Educational Foundation. 

The Adakum Educational Foundation is a New York based non-profit organization which seeks support and funding to acquire and install treated mosquito nets in the homes of school children in Ghana to protect them against Malaria. The organization strives to provide more nets and to better educate the people of Ghana to use the them effectively. Its slogan is "Don't Just Give Them Nets, Hang Them Up". Adakum trains volunteers to teach individuals in Guana instead of providing them with instructions, which many times are in a language they cannot even read. Volunteers can be  members of civic, business, professional and religious groups. They could also be high school and college students. Solutions Across Borders has complementary initiative to raise enough money to send 4 of our members to Ghana to help this cause.

Here are some more photos from our event-

Keiko conceived of the idea of a wishing well. This way contributers would interactively help a cause and have fun while doing it.

WBMB came and supported our fundraiser by playing African inspired music.

Top righthand corner- Ada and Olga selling baked goods. After 4 hours, we had a total donation of $351.34!

This week, Shelley (right) gave a follow-up presentation on the dangers, causes and prevention of Malaria.

Bellow, Stacey, our fearless leader.

$351.35 in a box (with the donation of 25 canadian cents).                   

Stay tuned for our next event!



  1. What a wonderful event!

    For front page coverage from The Ticker, check out: http://www.theticker.org/sections/news/solutions_for_malaria-1.1590603

    - Stacey Korolkova

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  3. Olga looks fierce with those tongs! It was a great event and looking forward to many more. To success!

    - Ada

  4. I really liked the wishing well idea.