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Monday, March 9, 2009

An Enlightening Experience

The Light of Leadership, held on Thursday March 5, 2009, was started off by Professor Ryan. 3 speakers, Ms. Poonam Tandon, Ms. Rene Taylor and Ms. Nalini Mehta led the discussion. Ms. Poonam Tandon started off by telling us that this Women’s Leadership started in India. It has been running for about 8 years and growing strong. Then, Ms. Poonam Tandon led a guided meditation for 15 minutes, which was relaxing. After that, Rene Taylor talked about looking into the inner self to find answers. Lastly, Ms. Nalini Mehta spoke about Ayurveda and how food is important to balance the mind and body. After these speeches, there were wonderful refreshments and a chance to network with any of the speakers.

-Arunna Raj


  1. Sounds interesting... what did you think about the event ? And how does it relate to SAB's goals? - NK

  2. Apparently, there was a pretty intensive meditation exercise, in addition to a speaker from Rwanda - maybe we can get her to come to an event?

  3. I wish everyone was able to come to this event. It is more effective to hear the actual speakers present than hearing from a third person.
    Furthermore, It relates to SAB because it was all about finding the inner passion and bringing it out so others can see the passion. In SAB, I believe everyone joined the club because there are passionate about something the club offers. Also, one of the speakers mentioned it is important to be a leader and put forth ideas so that others can become equally passionate about the goals or subject. In SAB, I think we do a brilliant job getting people to care a little about certain subjects.